Bubblegum Telugu Movie Review: A Refreshing Romantic Drama

Bubblegum Telugu Movie Review: The love story at the film's core is not merely a tale of romance but a reflection of societal prejudices and the challenges faced by individuals from diverse backgrounds.

“Bubblegum,” directed by Ravikanth Perepu, emerges as a refreshing addition to the Telugu film industry, weaving a love story that transcends societal boundaries. The film introduces Roshan Kanakala, son of esteemed actor Rajeev Kanakala and renowned TV host Suma Kanakala, in a promising debut.

Set against the backdrop of diverse social strata, the narrative follows the journey of a young man with dreams of becoming a DJ despite his humble roots as the son of a butcher. Roshan Kanakala’s portrayal of this aspiring DJ is convincing, capturing the essence of a character navigating the complexities of love and societal expectations. His on-screen chemistry with Maanasa Choudhary, who plays the female lead, adds authenticity to the romantic narrative.

The director, known for his earlier works like “Kshanam” and “Leela,” demonstrates a versatility that is evident in his storytelling. “Bubblegum” showcases Perepu’s ability to delve into different genres, moving from a thriller to a romantic drama with finesse. The film’s pacing keeps the audience engaged, transitioning seamlessly between moments of love, conflict, and self-discovery.

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The love story at the film’s core is not merely a tale of romance but a reflection of societal prejudices and the challenges faced by individuals from diverse backgrounds. The union of the two characters brings forth a series of troubles, providing a poignant commentary on class distinctions and the resistance to unconventional relationships. This thematic depth elevates “Bubblegum” beyond a conventional love story, making it a thought-provoking cinematic experience.

The supporting cast, including seasoned actors, complements the leads, contributing to the film’s overall impact. Ravikanth Perepu’s directorial vision is further enhanced by the skillful cinematography and a well-crafted soundtrack that complements the narrative, particularly given the protagonist’s ambition to become a DJ.

While the film successfully navigates the complexities of its central theme, there are moments where the plot feels slightly predictable. However, the strong performances, engaging screenplay, and the film’s ability to address societal issues with nuance overshadow these minor shortcomings.

In conclusion, “Bubblegum” stands as a commendable addition to Telugu cinema, offering more than just a love story. Ravikanth Perepu’s direction, coupled with compelling performances by the cast, makes this film a worthwhile watch. As Roshan Kanakala makes a promising debut, “Bubblegum” leaves an impression with its poignant exploration of love, societal expectations, and the pursuit of one’s dreams.

Bubblegum Telugu Movie
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