Christmas as Usual Netflix Movie Review: Delightful Cross-Cultural Romantic Drama

Christmas as Usual Netflix Movie Review: Ida Ursin-Holm's performance as Thea is noteworthy, bringing authenticity and emotional depth to her character.

“Christmas as Usual” takes viewers on a poignant journey as Thea, played by Ida Ursin-Holm, decides to celebrate a classic Norwegian Christmas in her rural hometown with her Indian boyfriend Jashan, portrayed by Kanan Gill. The film delves into the dynamics of cultural clash and adaptation, weaving a narrative that explores the intersection of traditions and beliefs.

Ida Ursin-Holm’s performance as Thea is noteworthy, bringing authenticity and emotional depth to her character. The audience witnesses her internal struggle as she introduces Jashan to the intricacies of Norwegian Christmas, challenging not only her family’s expectations but also her own preconceived notions.

Kanan Gill’s portrayal of Jashan adds a layer of humor and charm to the film. His character becomes a catalyst for the tumultuous and heartwarming events that unfold during the festive period. The clash of cultural backgrounds is handled with sensitivity, highlighting the universal theme of love and acceptance.

The film masterfully navigates through various festive traditions, seamlessly blending moments of chaos with heartwarming instances of understanding and unity. As the characters confront and question their own beliefs, the audience is treated to a narrative that goes beyond the superficial layers of a typical holiday film.

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“Christmas as Usual” serves as a compelling exploration of multicultural relationships and the beauty of embracing diversity during the holiday season. The cinematography captures the scenic beauty of the Norwegian countryside, adding an enchanting backdrop to the unfolding drama. Overall, the film is a delightful and thought-provoking experience that challenges stereotypes, fosters understanding, and celebrates the true essence of Christmas in a global context.

Christmas as Usual
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