Griselda Web Series Review: Netflix’s Latest Offering Unveils a Tale of Crime and Motherhood

Breaking Comedy Chains, Sofia Vergara Charms as Griselda Blanco in a Netflix Miniseries Packed with Drama

Griselda Web Series Review

Cast: Sofía Vergara, Alberto Guerra, Juliana Aiden Martinez, Martin Rodriguez, and Vanessa Ferlito

Creator: Carlo Bernard and Ingrid Escajeda

Director: Andres Baiz

Streaming On: Netflix

Language: English and Spanish (with subtitles)

Runtime: 6 episodes, each approximately 1 hour

Griselda Web Series Review: A Captivating Saga Unfolds

Narcos, a Netflix phenomenon, paved the way for numerous sequels and spin-offs. “Griselda,” the latest miniseries, explores the life of Griselda Blanco, portrayed by Sofía Vergara, who steps out of her comedic comfort zone into a compelling dramatic role. Despite an initial air of familiarity, “Griselda” captivates audiences with its intense narrative and Vergara’s unwavering commitment.

“Griselda” follows the familiar biopic format, narrating the ascent and downfall of an individual, but this time, it’s not the likes of Pablo Escobar or Walter White. Griselda Blanco, a mother and entrepreneur, sees drug trafficking as her escape from poverty and a means to build her empire. While the initial premise may lack originality, Sofía Vergara’s presence elevates the storyline.

The narrative unfolds across six hour-long episodes, acknowledging the concise nature of the tale. The creators skillfully attempt to balance the portrayal of Griselda as both a criminal mastermind and a devoted mother. This dichotomy adds depth to her character, making her simultaneously reprehensible and sympathetic. Despite occasional fluctuations in scene quality, the series maintains a consistent, albeit unconventional, coherence.

Griselda Web Series Review: Netflix's Latest Offering Unveils a Tale of Crime and Motherhood

While secondary characters like Rivi and June receive ample screen time, they struggle to assert independence. Griselda’s children, while receiving attention, seem to matter only because of their connection to the protagonist. Despite these nuances, Sofia Vergara’s performance unifies the production, showcasing her dramatic prowess and charismatic leadership on screen.

Griselda emerges as the Sofia Vergara show, marking a departure from her comedic roots. Throughout the six episodes, she demonstrates a commitment to her role, unveiling a side rarely seen by audiences. Beyond the makeup and dramatic setting, Vergara’s inherent charisma becomes a driving force, justifying her character’s ability to attract followers and adversaries alike.

Andres Baiz, known for his work on Narcos and The Sandman, directs with a focus on character-driven storytelling. While the cinematic language may lack groundbreaking elements, Baiz prioritizes the thematic and visual impact of the characters. Carlos Rafael Rivera’s musical contribution enhances the emotional depth of each scene, with diegetic music adding a touch of realism and local flavor.

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In conclusion, Griselda may not scale the heights of Narcos’ early seasons, but it remains a commendable piece of entertainment. Sofia Vergara’s standout performance proves her versatility beyond comedy, anchoring the series. While the formula may feel familiar, the team’s collective effort deserves recognition. Perhaps, taking a break from this narrative structure and revisiting it in the future may offer a refreshed perspective.

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