Perilloor Premier League Malayalam Web Series Review: A Slapstick Comedy Drama

Perilloor Premier League Web Series Review

“Perilloor Premier League” presents a refreshing take on the political landscape of the fictional town of Perilloor in the Valluvanad area of Palakkad district, northern Kerala. The series, directed by Praveen Chandran and produced by E4 Entertainment, unfolds with a unique touch by showcasing distinct characteristics, particularly through its quirky characters.

The plot kicks off with the seasoned politician Peethambaran, portrayed convincingly by Vijayaraghavan, facing legal hurdles that prevent him from contesting the Panchayat election. The political stage is set with Keman Soman, played by Ashokan, persistently challenging Peethambaran, creating an engaging political rivalry that adds spice to the narrative.

The standout element is the introduction of Malavika, played by Nikhila Vimal, Peethambaran’s niece reluctantly drawn into the political arena. Her internal conflict, torn between academic pursuits and familial expectations, provides a nuanced layer to the storyline. The love angle involving Malavika and Sreeraman (Sunny Wayne) adds a romantic subplot, offering a multifaceted view of the characters.

The brilliance of “Perilloor Premier League” lies in the meticulous development of its characters. Each character, from Peethambaran’s cunning political maneuvers to Soman’s resilient yet lighthearted spirit, possesses distinctive traits. The infusion of humor is evident, with Sreekuttan’s NRI character and his penchant for falling in love with every attractive girl, coupled with the comic mishaps at his flex printing shop.

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The series cleverly employs the village’s unique vehicle number plates, bearing “PL” instead of the typical “KL” in Kerala. This subtle detail serves as a metaphor, emphasizing the distinctiveness of Perilloor and the atypical events that unfold there.

The use of a Fox as Peethambaran’s party symbol is a creative touch, symbolizing cunning political tactics. The recurring motif of Soman’s optimism despite repeated electoral losses adds a touch of humor and resilience to the political backdrop.

Juxtaposed with these characters is Jaffar, an employee at Sreekuttan’s flex printing shop, whose errors lead to unexpected consequences, such as the popularity of a bus service with a mistakenly printed name. This thread showcases the ripple effects of seemingly insignificant mistakes in a comical manner.

Psycho Balachandran, portrayed by Aju Varghese, introduces an element of deception and misinformation, highlighting the gullibility of the villagers. This subplot adds layers to the narrative, exploring the dynamics of trust and belief in a small community.

“Perilloor Premier League” stands out for its witty and caricature-like characters, offering a delightful blend of political drama, romance, and humor. The series successfully creates a distinctive ambiance for Perilloor, making it a captivating watch for those seeking a unique narrative with a touch of comedy and political intrigue.

The collaboration of director Praveen Chandran, the talented cast led by Nikhila Vimal, Sunny Wayne, Aju Varghese, and Vijayaraghavan, and the engaging script by Deepu Pradeep culminates in a series that leaves a lasting impression, proving that the charm of Perilloor is indeed unparalleled.

Perilloor Premier League
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